Topic: If you want to be successful trader

If you want to be successful in the long run, know that investing and trading are ways to get rich, but you don't need to rush. Relax and gradually.

One disease of a trader is obsession with satisfaction quickly and immediately. All of us, it seems, want everything "to be now", even though investment and trading are not like that. Sometimes a trader might gain some profits, but then the losses come over, even the loss is greater than the profits previously earned. Stories like this actually happen a lot, but may not be exposed.
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The ego emerges, making them just happy to share good stories. They do not disclose the losses they also experience, or they do not disclose the size of their trading. They want to make you think they are geniuses because they can do it right so fast.
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Many stories that we can take lessons from, successful entrepreneurs who are now, are those who used to work. Unrelenting, do not know surrender. Ever cheated, never lost. Fall and wake up again. Why not take from their stories !?